Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A huge thank you...

Now that the exhibition is down and closed we all wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who were able to come down and see us. The exhibition saw over 300 visitors over the week with around 200 more on the closing night. With over 500 visitors over the entire affair and so many positive comments we couldn't resist posting here to wrap up and say how much we enjoyed meeting you all. The blog itself reaped 3,350 page views with people linking to us from internet sites across the spectrum including RedEye and the BBC. Though we're closed at the exhibition space that doesn't mean that the blog has served its time though! There is still the chance to link further into the artist's world by clicking on the many links to external photography sites from the 'bio' page and we're also going to post news of our next exhibition here which we think will be around May this year.

Once again we would like to thank you ALL for coming to see us, for the many wonderful comments that were left in the comment book at the venue and also for all the wonderful words of encouragement that we received.

Until we show and meet again.

New Vision Photo Exhibition.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Vision Photo Exhibition comes to Manchester!

January 2012 sees a group of photographers known as 'New Vision' come together to exhibit in the centre of Manchester. The exhibition runs from Monday 16th January 2012 right through to Sunday 22nd of January and the venue is 4 Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3BN. Entry is totally free and there will be photographers on-hand each and every day to discuss the work as well as walk and talk you through the exhibition.

The exhibition features works from 33 photographers from across the North West and encompasses images in fashion, portraiture, classical nudes, landscape, contemporary photographic art, documentary, sports and other variant genres. With so little emphasis in galleries and museums in Manchester being given to photography this really is a unique and exciting event focusing so intensely on photography!

Please come back to this blog often for regular updates in the lead-up to the exhibition and beyond.
A venue sneak-peak...the raw shell.

With the venue now booked and a solid definite we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the space that we're all so excited about putting our stamp upon. Here's a couple of images taken within the building where the exhibition is going to happen at 4 Piccadilly Place:

We've also been busy planning and this week has seen us organizing press releases, flyers, display boards and other things. We're all very excited and really looking forward to seeing this joint venture opening and you all there! Stay tuned and keep coming back for more information before and into the opening!

How to get here...

So you're all fired up about the exhibition and need to know how to get there? Know how to get to the centre of Manchester from where you are but need to know where to go once you're in the thick of it? Well look no further!

There is car parking for approximately 560 cars at Piccadilly Piazza which is adjacent the exhibition space  at 6 Whitworth Street, M1 3BN. The exhibition space is well within walking distance of Piccadilly Bus Station which is the nearest bus stop for most buses coming into the centre of Manchester. From Piccadilly Train Station the exhibition space is a very short walk across the Manchester Curve Bridge. With just a couple of weeks left before we open we're all getting fired up to get in there and start with the boards, putting images up, lighting the location and generally putting our stamp on the venue. Most of all, we're looking forward to meeting many of you, the 1,500 blog viewers so far!

The final run-up...

The show is now only a week away! We're all really getting very excited now and Monday 10th January saw us moving boards and putting exhibition layout spaces together at the venue in Piccadilly. We've now got the boards for the images situated and are soon to be putting up the images themselves for you lovely people to come and see what we've been up to for the past three months. Here are a couple of images of the moving and preparation process, just to keep you feeling involved:

Make sure you check back as often as possible for more information on the preparation for the exhibition as we all look forward to meeting you all!

The close of prep week before the exhibition opens...

It's been a long week of getting the space ready and preparing for you all to come over and join us for this exciting exhibition focusing so intensely on photography but we're now really looking forward to the opening night on Monday. We truly hope you can make it down, meet the photographers and see the work in 'real life'. Opening times are Monday 16th from 10am until 6pm and we close on the following Sunday at 6pm. More updates to come throughout the exhibition so do check back here as well as coming down to the venue.